Fake Lord

When is a Lord not a Lord? The curious case of Lord Baker of Little Moulton

This fake Lord Baker is a member of the order of Knights of St. Thomas of Canterbury........so what does that tell you about this order? I can name several of their members who are using dubious titles and titles which are simply in name only and not of the actual lordship in full. I will leave out supplying their names unless they kick off about this page in which case I will ridicule each one of them.


They have kicked off (08/11/23) about this page with warnings. so I warned them that I will escalate this and start placing names of those with dubious titles on this page. I will involve the National Newspapers

The only way that they can de-escalate this is to issue an apology on their website. Also they need to take a serious look at those members using titles of nobility before their names, as those who are not listed on the relevant official peerage rolls are using them illegally, such as Lord Baker. 


The Royal Warrant of Edward VII of the 8th February 1910 states:

“no person whose name is not entered on the Official Roll shall be received as a Baronet, or shall be addressed or mentioned by that title in any civil or military Commission, Letters Patent or other official document”

and this applies to those using 'Lord' before their name when they are clearly not



  In return the above pages will be amended.

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