Elmsett Manor

The Manorial Title of

Lord of the Manor of Elmsett in the county of Suffolk

is currently held by Roderic Lee Wagoner Jr


It has come to my attention that nobility.vip has this title for sale at a whopping price tag of £5,000?  They do not have any legal right to have this title for sale.  IT IS NOT  FOR SALE  -  IT IS HELD BY THE ABOVE PERSON.

Their entire advertisement is fictitious. No one in their right mind should even consider parting with their money to nobility.vip  for this title as all they would be getting are worthless pieces of paper.


It is widely detailed on the internet that Roderic Lee Wagoner Jr is the legal holder of this title. I am also aware that legal action will be taken to protect this title and its legal holder from any company/platform illegally selling it.   My advice is to steer clear of nobility.vip.

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