Hyde Manor

This manorial title of Lord of the Manor of Hyde in the county of Suffolk is currently held by                       GEOFFREY MICHAEL SIMPSON   


It has come to my attention that the Manorial Counsel company have this same title for sale. I am also aware that the Manorial Counsel were contacted with a complaint in relation to their platform advertising this title. Manorial Counsel still have not removed this title from their platform.


Be very wary folks!  I am also aware that legal action will be taken if Manorial Counsel were to sell this title and The Gazette would receive a legal letter together with a copy of the deed of conveyance which shows Geoffrey Michael Simpson as the legal holder,  requesting that the Gazette Notice be removed.  Also legal action would be taken against Manorial Counsel solicitors for placing such a malicious notice on the Gazette. 


It is widely detailed on the internet that Geoffrey Michael Simpson is the legal holder of this title