English Barony Titles

There are a number of websites selling Barony Titles. Be very careful.  A 'Possessory Barony Title' that has been acquired under the possession laws and being sold as a title with 'Quiet Enjoyment' , whether being sold with or without a solicitors letter of entitlement to the 'Quiet Enjoyment'  is only worth around £1,750 at the most.  Make sure that any barony title being sold (Quiet Enjoyment of the Name) is on the listing below.

Do not be fooled by any websites saying that their titles are so legal that the documents are signed by two or even three solicitors!  These Possessory Titles are not worth anything more than £1,750 at the very most.

One platform is selling the Barony of  Fotheringay.........it is only the 'Probable Barony' list and without confirmation.  It is not worth the £15,000 price tag. The price should be nearer £1,250. It is only the name being purchased as 'Quiet Enjoyment'.   Don't be ripped off folkes!

Check the list below. It has been taken directly from Wiki. It gives details of Certain Baronies and Probable Baronies.

You are only purchasing 'Quiet Enjoyment' of the title name and not the full barony package of a set of deeds dating back to its creation.    Think  -   if you bought a title for a ridiculous price of  £8,000/9,000/10,000 or more  and later you wanted to sell your 'Possessory Quiet Enjoyment' title  -  what do you think you could get for it?   You would have a hell of a job to sell it. You would lose most of that money.  

Reputable platforms such as the Manorial Society of Great Britain Auction Department would not touch these, nor would any other reputable and well known auction room.

A Possessory Title (Quiet Enjoyment) of a Lord of the Manor Title needs to be priced in the hundreds of pounds and not more than £1,250 unless it originally held Court Baron in which case a rough guide would be around £1,750 maximum.  A Feudal Barony Title should not be priced more than £1,750  for you to hold a title which you can at least get your money back on if not make a profit if you wanted to sell it.  A Feudal Earldom 'Possessory Title' should not be any  more than £2,500.  Don't be ripped off Folks!

If you are unsure, then be very careful.  Contact me for free advise:  cozumelestateslimited@gmail.com  or WhatsApp  0759 452 6890

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