Legal Notices

Manorial Counsel Limited


Lordship of Hyde in the county of Oxfordshire is held by Geoffrey Michael Simpson

Lord of the Manor of Spaxton in the county of Somerset is held by Stephen Brian Else. (this is a title with the full set of deeds which was conveyed from the family which held the title to Stephen Brian Else on the 12th August 2022)

Lord of the Manor of Keenthorne in the parish of Thorne in the county of Somerset is held by Coeuriot Franck

The Barony and Lordship of Ewyas Harold in the county of Herefordshire is legally held by J. Eugene Ward by way of a deed of conveyance of the 15th September 2022  ( Conveyance/Assignment between Ivan Jennings and J. Eugene Ward) 


Barony of Chilham in the county of Kent is held by Manorial Title Register Ltd


Barony of Folkestone in the county of Kent is held by the Radnor Estates


Lordship of Ashenfield Manor, also known as Eshmerfield in the parish of Waltham in the county of Kent is held by the church


Lordship of Bekesborne Manor in the parish of Bekesborne in the county of Kent is held by the Archbishop.

It has come to our attention that the company Manorial Counsel Limited have some of these titles for sale (and one they have sold illegally) after they have been advised that they are legally held by the above named people. We will take legal action and raise a complaint with The Gazette if the Manorial Counsel do not withdraw their advertisements for these titles and/or sell these title names to unwitting clients of theirs. Their clients will be purchasing worthless pieces of paper and would be subjected to their notices on The Gazette being removed.

We strongly advise potential clients of Manorial Counsel Ltd to steer well clear of these titles of the Lordship of Hyde in Oxfordshire, the Lord of the Manor of Spaxton in Somerset and the Lordship of Keenthorne in Somerset. They are legally held and the Manorial Counsel Company has no legal right to sell their names as the current title holders all have better titles.

If you are considering purchasing a title from Manorial Counsel Ltd or any other platform I strongly advise you to instruct an independent solicitor.

Manorial Title Register Limited  -   you need to seriously pass by this 'rip-off' platform.  They have for sale the Lordship of Elmsett at a ridiculous price of £5,000. They do not have any rights to sell this title as the legal title holder is Roderic Lee Wagoner Jr.

Roderic Lee Wagoner Jr Lord of the Manor of Elmsett in the county of Suffolk 


Also be careful of  we now have substantial evidence against this platform/company