Keenthorne Manor

The manorial title of Lord of the Manor of Keenthorne in the parish of Thorne in the county of Somerset is currently held by COEURIOT FRANCK 




It has come to my attention that the Manorial Counsel have this title for sale on their platform?  They do not have any right to advertise this title as it does not belong to them.


Be warned, as I am aware that legal action will be taken against anyone claiming this title as their own.


Steer clear of the Manorial Counsel with regard to this title.


With all these titles being held by other people you should begin to get a picture of Manorial Counsel.  Don't fall for their creative literature of all their titles being legal as their solicitor signs each package.  Their solicitor works for Manorial Counsel and not the client.  Seek  independent legal advice before parting with your money. 


Always consider the price and ask yourself if you think you could get your money back if you did want to sell your title at a later stage!   If you pay £2,000 + for a manorial title which is one of 'Quiet Enjoyment' you will not get your money back, but maybe £900.     If you pay £8.000 + for a feudal barony title which is of 'Quiet Enjoyment' you will not get your money back as these are not worth anymore than  £1,750.


If you pay £5,000 for a title with a full set of deeds, then you would be in profit as these are currently achieving sale prices of £8,000 +

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